Prototypely is an innovation lab working on inventing new and better applications of software, data, and design.

We are based in Tallinn, Estonia - the most advanced digital society in the world ;)

Recent Projects


MapMaker is a platform for sharing geospatial data by creating awesome interactive maps.

Coming soon


DesignBot is a website builder that automatically designs and optimizes landing pages.



InvestReal is a real estate market analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence.



We help companies solve specific business challenges that require the interaction of a wide range of technical capabilities, such as:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • User Experience Design
  • Application Development


Gert Stahl

Gert is an entrepreneurial data scientist with 20+ years of software development experience. His recent work has been focused on fin-tech - both in US and Europe. He has built state-of-the-art market analytics, underwriting, and fundraising platforms that have raised 100s of millions of capital. He has a wide range of technical skills, and business degrees from University of Sheffield and University of Miami.

Sven Varkel

Sven is a systems engineer with over 20+ years of experience in developing business-critical software services. He has worked for Fortune 500 corporations and successful startups. His recent work has been focused on big data and geospatial analytics. He has extensive know-how in infrastructure, data engineering, and applications development, with a degree from Tallinn Technical University.