Prototypely offers entrepreneurs a 30-day program with a world-class product development team focused on creating a Minimum Marketable Product that will take their startup to the next level.

We are based in Tallinn, Estonia - the most innovative country in the world ;)

Recent Projects


MapMaker is a platform for sharing geospatial data by creating awesome interactive maps.

Coming soon


DesignBot is a website builder that automatically designs and optimizes landing pages.



InvestReal is a real estate market analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence.


What is Prototypely?

Prototypely is a combination of an accelerator and a software development studio - dedicated to a single startup.

Our aim is to substitute early-stage fundraising and technical recruitment with a 4-week program focused on building a marketable product with a professional team.

How it works?

You can apply by filling out a questionnaire. Start here.
We have an online interview to get to know the you and the business opportunity.
We are seeking opportunities to create value from software, data, and design.
We select product ideas that we can feasibly take to market in 30 days.
We sign a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) with no cost to you.
Preferrably, you join us in Tallinn, Estonia for 30 days to guide the development.
You launch the business with a product that creates value for your customers.
You raise a Seed round and Prototypely converts the SAFE to equity.
In the following rounds Prototypely will seek to divest through a secondary sale.


Gert Stahl

Gert is an entrepreneur with 10+ years of digital product management experience and a background in software engineering. Most of his recent work has been focused on FinTech - building state-of-the-art financial tools and fundraising platforms that have raised $100s of millions of capital. He has a wide range of technical skills, and business degrees from University of Sheffield and University of Miami.

Sven Varkel

Sven is a systems engineer with over 20+ years of experience in developing business-critical software services. He has worked for Fortune 500 corporations and successful startups. His recent work has been focused on big data and geospatial analytics. He has extensive know-how in infrastructure, data engineering, and applications development, with a degree from Tallinn University.

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